whoa man is...


... an all-female sketch team that endeavors to tell savvy, quick-witted stories through an unapologetically female lens...

Comprised of original members Cassie Keet, Claire Dellamar, Hayley ShawErika Rankin and Mandie Cheung, Whoa Man formed after years of studying together at Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop. Due to the wealth of talented people in their networks (including AMAW, UCB, and the Groundlings alum), the group prides itself on having the unique advantage of inviting a guest Whoa Man actress to write, direct and perform alongside the core group each show.

With a permanent residency at Three Clubs on Vine Street, Whoa Man has performed several times at the Comedy Central Stage and boasts sold-out shows and repeat audiences.

Our intent is to create a product that is written, directed, and produced entirely by women. Secondly, we’re just here to have fun. Like, a lot of fun. While many of our themes are relatable to people of any gender or age (dating, friendship, ritual sacrifice) we always commit to examine our subjects through the modern female gaze.

A Whoa Man show has something for everyone. You like your comedy nerdy? Enjoy the wealth of sketches that would make any ComicCon attendee happy. Fans of original tunes delight in our parody musical numbers. High-functioning alcoholics cheer along to our in-show drinking games. Basically, there’s something for everyone!

Moving forward, Whoa Man is working towards transforming our most popular stage sketches into digital content that can be shared with a wider audience. We hope to grow and expand our brand from there, never losing sight of what we believe to be true: women are funny as fuck.